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Q How can I ensure I always get the best results from using Ironing Now?
A Naturally dryed materials are usually the ideal items to get the optimum results from the ironing process.
What is often impossible to work with are materials that have been over tumbled dryed. This can mean the use of excessive heat or time. This coupled with being screwed up will result in creases being literally baked in and therefore impossible to remove without rewashing the item.
Please don’t take offence if we mention this, because our only desire is to ensure your satisfaction and that is unlikely if garments are given to us in this condition



Q Can I have my ironing folded rather than on hangers?
A Yes, let us know your preferences our aim is to please


Q Do I have to have my clothes covered in plastic covers
A No but these are used to ensure your goods remain dirt and dust free


Q Can I supply my own hangers
A Certainly



Q What do you charge for ironing
A Generally we charge by the Kilo for standard items. Our standard charge is £6.50 per kilo. This price may not apply to items that are non-standard such as heavily decorated items , items with intricate designs, pleats etc. In which case please ask for a quote


Q Do you operate a same day service?
A If there is time / workload availability but generally we operate a 48 hour turnaround




Q What are your opening hours?
8am – 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, Closed Friday (unless by appointment) Closed Saturday and Sunday. Closed All Bank Holidays


Q Are you open at the weekend?
 A Sorry ….. No


Q Are you open on Friday
Sorry ….. No        Friday is an appointment only day


Q Do you collect at the weekend?
A Sorry …. No but please contact us to arrange a collection on Monday to Thursday


Q Do you have a minimum collection charge?
A Yes. Our minimum charge is £15.00  within our free collection areas or + delivery charge if applicable


Q Can I book regular collections and deliveries?
A Yes we welcome regular bookings.


Q Are you insured for my clothing?
A Yes we have insurance cover for all clothing


Q How can I pay?
A Cash or Direct Transfer to our account.


Q Do you offer credit accounts?
A I’m afraid we generally do not offer credit arrangements and payment is due on collection or delivery


Q Do you cover all of Essex?
Sorry ….. No        Please check our areas covered page or call 07973883284


Q What happens if I book a delivery or collection and I’m not there or fail to answer the door etc.?
A We ask that if circumstances change and you are unable to be in for our collection or delivery service that you contact us to cancel and reappoint. Of course sometimes events are beyond your control and we endeavour to be understanding. However, unfortunately, there are occasionally people that have little regard for the fact that our fuel and drivers cost money (our standard delivery service is heavily subsidised) and that wasted journeys impact on all our other clients.Therefore if this becomes a common event we reluctantly reserve the right to refuse to offer our service. We also reserve the right to level an extra charge for every additional collection/delivery we undertake at a realistic commercial rate of no less than £5 per visit.